Thursday, 9 February 2012

No mean feet

There are many an anecdote on the internet about long distance runner's feet:

  1. Your feet look better without toenails.  
  2. You always have at least one black toenail.
  3. Your pedicure kit includes a pair of pliers.
  4. Your number of toes to toenails doesn't match. 
...and many more.
Regular readers will remember that just before Christmas I had an innocuous trip in the woods which banged my toe and similarly twanged my other toe on a root. I trip, I stumble, I rub my skin, I scratch myself on a branch of holly, all things I am used to and take for granted afterall, it goes with the territory.

I got home at about 10.15pm last night after a long day at work and lecturing to remember that we had in fact got guests staying over, so after a quick bath I returned to join in the fun evening with a glass of wine or two. I was shoeless and our friend commented "Oh my god Jerry, it is so obvious that you are a long distance runner, your feet look like a monkey's!" Taken aback I looked down at my feet and could see nothing wrong and carried on ignoring the comment.

Tonight I sat back and looked at my feet and I have to admit every point in the list above is true, nails are missing/growing back, some nails have thickened and there are little hard bits in the strangest of places, some would say monkey feet, I would say my feet.


  1. There is one part of the body which I dislike, and that is feet. Ugly things, and to think if I get in to long distance running........ I know it's a totally parallel world type of rhinking here, then I would really have a foot phobia lol

  2. So very true. We get used to it/them over the years.