Thursday, 2 February 2012

Of balls and brass monkeys

Two days forced rest completed and on Thursday evening I will do my last run before the Moonlight Challenge on Saturday evening. As the Brits amongst my readers will know, the weather has turned decidedly cold at the moment with temperatures hitting -2º C (28º F)  this evening with it expected to drop further to reach -6º C (21º F) after chill factor on Saturday evening especially around the marshland of East Kent where the challenge is being held.

As usual I am well up for the challenge, I am gathering all my running shirts to create layers along with leggings and lycra shorts with may thinsulate gloves taking a big feature to stave off hypothermia. I have even dug out the thermos flask as a way of storing warm coffee and thinking of ways to get more calories on board having concidered the rare use of carb gels as a quick solution.

It appears that the Delightful Mrs S's Running Radar has been off full sweep in the past few weeks as she knows that the Moonlight Challenge is one of my favourite annual events but even she has made comment about whether I should run it or not concerned that the weather may be way too cold to be safe let alone the journey to and from.


  1. I am doing the Ashford 10k on Sunday, I reckon that could be doubtful if it snows, good luck on your challenge & in finding more layers!

  2. Good luck at Ashford Mark, a great course so I hear, crisp weather makes for crisp running :-)