Saturday, 11 February 2012

Running with a Cage Fighter

Probably the strangest title for a post I have added for a little while but that is exactly what I did today, ran with a cage fighter!

The delightful Mrs S had organised having her hair done at a friends house with a visiting hairdresser and I was at a loose end so said she would drop me off there and I would take an extended route home by foot. I popped in to say hello and then discovered our friend's 16 year old son was up for a run too so we teamed up for a nice 10km run together, a little shorter than I wanted but probably best as I am up for a longer run tomorrow.

It transpires that the young lad, Toby, had been at cage fighter training earlier that morning and had spent an hour or so doing wrestling but I have to admit that we were both nervous of each other, my reputation proceeding me as a proficient(?) runner and he as a speedy 5km runner, we were soon testing each other and we seemed to settle into a pace that we both felt comfortable with. A great leveller as I allowed him to take the lead  for the route and then discussing options to go off road which he was happy to do as it gave him a new experience of seeing what it was like. 

This gave me the chance to chat about cage fighting and I was astounded about the amount of training and effort that goes into what is a very violent sport. I was also very impressed as to how he came across as a very mature and calm manner when discussing the fighting, best described as experienced and controlled.

The run was fine as an ad hoc event but I felt as I wanted to do more so it was turn to bring my experience and control into it and stop when I did so that I could save myself for my solo long run tomorrow.

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