Friday, 10 February 2012

Running drought is over

Since the snow fell last weekend and my aborted Moonlight Challenge I have had a running drought having not ventured out for a week. I returned home last night and had just let my tea settle and stood up, grabbed my kit to then find the snow had stated falling cancelled. I have done too many miles in my training in the past few months to do anything stupid, care is my second name at the moment.

This evening I could see that the pavements were dry and got my kit on and was out for a quick 10km set piece run.......and when I say quick I reckon the week off did my legs for good as I unexpectedly found me doing 7:39 min/miles on average and it felt like an easy run. "Say goodbye to the couch Jezza" I hear you shout and that is exactly what I intend Dear permitting.

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