Friday, 24 February 2012

Say goodbye to the budgie

Like a caged lion I was seen pacing the living room this evening ready to go for my plod up to the running track; we had been promised mild weather, if you can let 10 C being mild and I decided to not wear my Skins A200 compression tights for the very first time since Christmas some 330 miles (531 km)!

I did however wear a showerproof jacket and my backpack to the track continuing to wear it during my steady laps....boy was I warm and just amazing how our bodies acclimatise such I was really pleased my old pins were getting an airing to cool me down.

It is a bit scary to think I only have two more runs to go before the Thames Path 100 and just getting that horrible feeling of have I done enough. Time to get the plans finalised but I have a feeling I maybe getting a cold

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe you've been wearing your skins since Xmas! Do they not smell by now? Has the amazing Mrs S not complained yet?

    Good luck on Saturday for the TP100. You'll rinse it! I'm doing a mere marathon on Sunday (Steyning Stinger)so you'll be all done by then!