Sunday, 26 February 2012

Shorts and Sunglasses

After mentioning I felt like a zombie yesterday I soon realised it was true when all thoughts of a run with HEROS were out of the window when I looked at the alarm clock this morning to see 9.30 am and on hindsight was probably a good thing as it appeared they did a 15 mile downland run which would have been just a tad too much for my tapering plans.

So up and about the Delightful Mrs S requested that I got on with various chores but soon became suspicious when I was seen tapping away on Facebook and then about 45 minutes later reading texts in the garden. I went into the house and mentioned  "Duncan wants to go for a run" to which I was released on good behaviour.

The weather was fantastic today, it was Shorts and Sunglasses weather and was the main reason I wanted to get out into the woods to just get the feeling of freedom from long sleeve shirts and leggings. I was even seen to don my Union Flag shorts and potter off up the road with a big grin on my face and was amazingly 5 minutes early as Duncan invariably turns up with military precision which he did today to the very second...incredible.

First question "How far and where?" Duncan put up a finger and drew a vague map in the air mentioning a few places and I said "A man with a plan" and so off we went with Duncan spluttering that is was not a plan, I cared not a jot, I just wanted to enjoy the sunshine in shorts and sunglasses probably the first time the combination had been worn in 6 months.

A great 10 miles or so of mixed path and road with a few stops to catch up with friends and acquaintances along the way...a great afternoon of running getting me back in time to get the last jobs done for the Delectable Mrs S

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  1. Sounds all perfect to me. As long as you got those chores done...!