Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Silence is Golden

but Duct Tape is Silver!

This was the first Tuesday back at the club for four weeks due to lecturing commitments and I was looking forward to it. Even though this was supposedly Valentine's Day the family all had their own agendas so we were all cut loose to do our thing, mine being a chance to catch up on some gossip with the gang.

So after a disastrous run through the woods in which I decided to cut short and go over the bridge to the roadway because of the quagmire by the river I was soon found discussing marathon training plans with a few wannabes in the park. It was obvious that the numbers were greatly reduced by the school half term and the romantic nature of the day such that only about 50 runners attended, my legs being a tad sore chose a slower group so that I could enjoy an Easy pace.

Little did I know that this group was a very quiet one, talking was at the very minimum and on up hills non me chattering and whittering on as usual about any piece of nonsense that came through my mind, I cared not a jot. However at about 8 miles (in total  of my evening total) I found myself going quiet and introspective savouring the run and the fact I was near to the end of the bulk of my TP 100 prep.

I have a break tomorrow evening but hope to get out for a routine run on Thursday but very tempted to have a run on the North Downs Way on my own....just for the peace and quiet!

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