Monday, 20 February 2012

Slave to technology...

...or "I can't get a f%^king signal"

Imagine the scene, ten hairy runners bedecked in lycra, fluorescent jackets enough to light up the dark side of the Moon, running shoes that "will make you run as fast as a reebok" and enough electronic equipment that would be able to guide the Apollo 13 mission.

Now come in from a different angle, a more introspective view from the mind of a runner in the scene as he swears under his breath about the fact there is no signal from the satellite, bemoaning the fact that the batteries needed charging, their headphones are tangled or they hadn't reset it from last run. As the run starts all conversation is drowned out by a chorus of beats and squeals from the dastardly electronic creatures strapped to our wrists.

The run
Then when we are all in throw of our runs we come to the most beautiful scene in northern Kent and we don't look at the beautiful rainbow, the lark on the wing or the amazing view but we carry on glancing at our pace, our split times or the all important update that we have currently run 5.12 miles because it is important we know that 0.01 miles is ~ 20 yards and it is important we know exactly how far we run!

The finish
We all sprint the last mile to our cars, some racing, others just desperate to end and we get to the car park all flustered, sweaty, out of breath and beeping as we switch off the darned GPS device to a chorus of "What didtance did you get?" to hear the following answers:

Runner A: "I get 16.3 km"
Runner B: "I got 10.5 miles"
Runner C: "I got 28.27 km, I forgot to reset mine, so how do I subtract miles from kilometres?"
Runner D: "My heart rate is 230 beats per minute, it says I am that good"
Runner A: "Yeah but we climbed 8,000 metres!
Runner C: "Wow I am currently 10 metres below sea level so does that mean we climbed 7990 metres?"

Then there is me keeping quiet as I had yet again forgotten to start the frigging thing

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  1. Runners are geeks,huh? I'd be the one pointing out the flowers or wildlife.