Monday, 27 February 2012

Smooth as silk

Today was a day off and I was tasked with a number of jobs, to have a haircut and to prune the apple tree (a BIG job) so there was no running during the day but plenty of walking, climbing of ladders and sawing. The Delightful Mrs S has been out at work most of the day so I was even responsible for cooking the evening meal which was well received by all.

By 7.00pm I was liked a coiled spring, a panther pacing the hall for all I wanted to do was get out and get the wind on my legs again so off I trotted shorts, vest and my windproof and no Garmin at all, just my headtorch. I proceeded to go out for a wonderful, melodic, evenly paced run at complete recovery pace, the run was exactly as I have been training on the track, consistent, unstrained and relaxed.

I have come to learn that if my jaw is relaxed so are my shoulders and therefore my arms; if my fingers are loose and it looks like I am playing an invisible piano then I am unpressured. A lovely run tonight which is good news for Saturday

It is runs like this that prove the training is working


  1. Sounds like everything is just right. It's great to get a confidence boost like this.

  2. When this event was first announced last year I did consider it but a bad achilles injury late last year put paid to that.

    Have a good run, it seems that the tapering has worked and you feel nice and relaxed.

    1. Thanks Chris, smooth on the surface but getting a little twitchy under it now but that is to be expected. Pity as I would like to see you go through your paces.