Sunday, 19 February 2012

Squirrel tossing and cakes

There are runs and there are runs, today's was one of those runs that will take me through to Wednesday next week. 

This morning was one of those days that when you looked out of the window you couldn't gauge if it was cool or mild but I could see the tell tale signs of frost on the grass outside so erred on the side of caution and went for a long-sleeved top but chucked some gloves and a hat in my pocket just in case. On picking up Duncan at the top of the road he too seemed to have the same concerns but he had gone the whole 9 yards and was wearing a hat and a pair of sunglasses.

Turning up at the car park we soon saw the others sitting in their cars ready for the off and as we waited for others we clambered out and joined in the merry making. Due to the temperature there seemed to a lot of disappearing into the bushes for a pre-run pee which seemed to a prequisite for the group mainly because there are women in the group. One of the silliest comments I heard for a long time was when one of the guys who was eating a banana chose to discard the skin by lobbing it into some undergrowth to which someone earnestly asked "Was that a squirrel you just threw?" to much hilarity....yeah right, that is what we do! :-)

Getting this group to start was very hard as it is just a collection of runners so after shivering for about 10 minutes I decided to run 10 yards and somebody went "Oh we are off" which was sufficient to get the group going enough for Nancy to take the route owner.

What a start, it just turned into going up and down, then UP which caused my lungs to feel like they were on fire but we got up there and the run continued with the usual good humour and chat. I have a feeling my tapering is working as I felt really comfortable today, cruising the hills flying over the crests.

It was all over too soon and I had mentioned to Duncan that I wanted to go to the cake shop nearby so armed with some money I found in the bottom of my backpack earlier we went into eat the most delicious piece of white chocolate and raspberry cake for myself and a piece of coffee cake for Duncan the perfect end to a really great run.

I can promise that no squirrels were actually hurt in the making of this run

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