Sunday, 5 February 2012

When adults play

So there we were, the Destructive Mrs S and myself looked out of the window, both children ensconced in either Facebook or going for a walk with mates. We decided to go for a walk in the snow and get some well needed fresh air, Mrs S patiently standing at the end of the drive whilst I rummaged through the garage to return triumphantly with the sledge in hand. If the children were going to be boring, we certainly weren't as be walked up to the local ski slope (a.k.a The golf course) and went about pushing young children and protective parents aside, mount our sledge together and whizzed down at full whack. At last count we had knocked over two teenagers and bounced through about 5 kids even sliding over another sledge...we had a great time :-)

Let the carnage begin


  1. I took the kids sledging and had an excellent hill session, dragging them back up to the top so they could whizz down again...

  2. Ha! Sounds like fun!! Although when I first read "sledge," I was thinking "sledge hammer" and was wondering why you would need one to go for a walk in the snow. :o)