Friday, 17 February 2012

Winning Face?

Time to get out to the track tonight and I went about getting ready but due to the ever changing weather was unsure what to wear so decided on my thin long-sleeved top, waterproof smock, leggings, gloves and my trusty backpack.

By mile one the gloves were off, by mile two the smock was unzipped and was now comfortable to push out a comfortable pace. Arriving at the park where the track is I was met by the fact the 5 metre tall main gates were padlocked shut and had I been 30 years younger willing to climb them but now the time was pushing on and did not relish the idea of a 1 mile detour so took off my pack leaned against the wire fencing and squeezed through and pulled by bag after me!

At the track I saw the rest of the gang in the throws of their warm up chatting merrily amongst themselves as I paid my dues and joined the track, tonight was just 16 laps comprising 8 anti-clockwise and the other 8 clockwise. All around me the others were doing 12 x 400m sprints, stomping and gasping around me as I pootled around watching the entertainment, some of those guys were just taking a little bit too serious. By all means be serious about your training guys but please enjoy it also, those last 8 laps were hilarious looking at some of their faces... I kept shouting "Show me your winner's face" as they grimaced past me.

Anyway, I was pleased with my plodding having done 16 laps in 32 minutes flat so feeling good and so after a catch up on some of the gossip I returned home via the road this time to a complete a very comfortabe 11 miles....roll on the taper.

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