Friday, 23 March 2012

And this is why I stink

I am not going to budge
I have a long weekend and today I awoke to see that it was a glorious sunny day and without a second thought I went straight to my running kit and got dressed. By luck the Delightful Mrs S was going to a seminar at a local hospital which just a few miles from Knockholt and the North Downs Way, there was only one thing to do.

On arrival in Knockholt I got on my trail shoes, two bottles of water on a belt and a pair of sunglasses to start what can only be described as a wonderfully glorious run along my favourite path however I soon needed to take a detour after my way was blocked by an enormous cart horse who refused to budge from the gateway...choose your battles wisely Jezza.

This section of the NDW is alive with horseflies and it was very unpleasant as they seem to hone in on me and left me swatting at the air. I soon ducked off to take some footpaths that I don't normally take and had a tough section of steep ascents and descents which left me gasping in the warm weather.

I soon jumped into a field and followed the well worn path to find that for some reason a section was wet, clawing and rank to note that it was 50 metres away from an enormous mound of sileage....this was the wash off from a pile of horse and cow $h1t.....I was in the middle off it and there was only one way out...through it!

This Dear Reader is why my car, myself and my shoes now smell! I had a great time though, oh the trails and tribulations of a long distance runner.

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