Thursday, 1 March 2012

Countdown begins

A rather meaningful blog title as I have finally made the decision not to faff around with Garmins and GPS for the whole race on the weekend, it is just too much hassle. In previous long runs we often went around our running clubs and asked if we could borrow a Garmin 305 as we they only last between 10-12 hours when all the bells and whistles are switched off. The added problem of running around before and after the races collecting watches and then making sure they are charged with the extra pressure of making sure you don't break it...too much hassle as I have said.

So here is the cunning plan, use my wonderfully simple watch I got for Christmas until I get 51 miles into the run at Henley and then switch on my Garmin so that I can gauge my speed in the latter half to keep me motivated. It's a plan and I may as well go for it as I don't have another one :-)

Watch this space as I have more cunning plans.


  1. That sounds a good plan Jerry or you could run with the Garmin at the beginning when you will benefit from reigning your natural exuberance in! ;)
    Whatever you are doing the right thing and enjoy yourself !!

  2. I like the plan. I think it will work out just fine. I have a similar GPS-less watch and up to now I've never used anything other than Start-Stop.

  3. good idea. I purchased a 25g solar panel so that I can charge mine on the run on the SDW100

    I'm looking forward to your customary kit photo in the next 48 hours and am sending mine and Susie's best wishes to you and damn you this time you'll crack the 100!

    all the best and remember....that cider on the finish line will taste better than anything you have drank before...remember to pack one in your kit!

  4. good decision, you have been pacing yourself well in training and will be fine on the day/night. If not, just think like a metronome and keep ticking away the miles