Friday, 2 March 2012

Drop Bags for TP100

I was recently asked "What do you put in a drop bag?" and that, Dear Reader is a difficult question as it depends on the rules of the race. The Thames Path 100 aid stations have the following:
  1. Water and Cola,
  2. Gu Energy Gels,
  3. Chocolate and Sweets
  4. Wraps and Sandwiches
  5.  and at some stations hot food
Then there is the issue that we are only a certain size of drop bag, the TP100 stipulates they must be no larger than 30cm x 20cm x 20cm which limits what, as an unsupported runner can take. I have therefore decided on small packets of sweets, carb gels, a bottle of sports drink, a savoury snack and a high caffeine drink (if needed). In the latter stages I will have Nuun, toothpaste & brush and some light sticks, all of them will have a fresh pair of socks.

So with military precision they have been organised and layed out ready for labelling


  1. Wow!! They are posh!! you should see mine Jerry... A boots carrier bag, and assortment of others... on the food front I'm going all out. got 9-bars, pasta pots, creamed rice, pizza, goods goodness shakes, flapjack, shotblocs and a whole lot more!! do you think thats enough :-)

  2. But Jezza, you will be the only runner with clotted cream ice cream in drop bag 4?!

    good luck and good running.