Thursday, 1 March 2012

Final Plans for TP100

After an extremely busy time at work where I seem to have turned into an IT analyst, system architect, programmer in 3 computer languages and then a teacher on two evenings I was see decamping from my offices with the thought of a six day break.

After my evening meal today I was then seen driving off to the local running emporium to purchase some Nuun electrolyte tablets ( I am treating myself) to arrive home to settle down for some finer planning of the TP100. This race is unusual as this time I am allowed 4 drop bags and I have put some thought as to what I want in them and have opted for small home comforts like packet of sweets, a tootbrush or a high caffeine drink, little treats that will raise my morale.

Notes have been prolific and the headache that has been hovering over my head is slowly leaving me as I thrust myself at this challenge. Even the Delightful Mrs S has washed and dried some kit for me and left it out on the side, even praising me after I mentioned that I had got the hotel room that I am staying in for 1/3 of the price when I booked it during the Winter sale, I have to thank George's wife for this thrifty top tip.

I will be leaving late for the hotel on Friday and will hopefully arrive at about 9.00pm ready for an early night up at about 7.00am on Saturday, a hearty breakfast and ready for a 2 km walk to the rendezvous for booking in and then a briefing before the start...then....who knows?  


  1. Good luck Jerry and enjoy it! I'll be thinking of you and sending good thoughts.

  2. Very exciting! All the best! Enjoy the adventure.