Thursday, 15 March 2012

Gates and Diversions

Today saw me stuck at my desk and concentrating like mad building computer stuff but everso often I would glance out of the window to a beautiful sunny day. 

Tonight was a planned 10 miles comprising 3 mile run to and then from the running track with 16 laps of the track. My legs are feeling amazingly good at the moment, if a little tight in places but I was hoping that the  run would get some blood pumping through the muscles to loosen them up. With the legs so was my breathing great, chest clear and breathing unlaboured. Checks done, it was time to enjoy the run and my mind was soon drifting off to other things and on arriving at the park found my way was barred by the park gates that had been shut early...ggrrrr. Luckily I have discovered a way of getting in without clambering over them and was soon seen squeezing through a gap, raking my hip on wire fencing and then continuing on to join the gang leaving me to hog lane 1 or 2 for the 16 laps. 

I was extremely pleased with my pacing session tonight. I had planned to run the 16 laps in 34 minutes ~8 min/miles (5 min/kms) and managed to do it in 34:12 seconds. Great practice for getting to know look and feel of a race especially when the legs are tired.

Bidding my farewells after the stretching session I ran home to come across a massive set of roadworks with closures, enormous tarmacking trucks which didn't stop me sneaking through to get to the other side to dodge cars and other lorries so that I could cross the road and to home. Tired mentally but pleased I got out to the track to get some wind on my legs. If the weather is good tomorrow it will be more of the same but on trail during the day as I will be off enjoying a long weekend

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