Saturday, 17 March 2012

Grass roots

I awoke this morning feeling a little unwell (read as hungover) but on time to have a drink and had planned some breakfast but was cut short with "problems with the drainage in the lower field" to find I had a very short time to catch the train to Orpington to meet Chris and was soon hot footing it to the station to see the train pull up a minute later for the short ride. Meeting Chris we ran to our meeting point and we all seemed to time it perfectly as we all pulled up together.

Off on the road it was soon realised that we were to pass the local Park Run and we could pop in for a quick race, I have never been to a Park Run but I was up for the experience and found ourselves arriving early enough for us to take in a  lap of the park but soon found my stomach was playing up again so cut across the field to the toilet to return to find the start was the other side of the field and I had missed it! Never mind I was happy to jog on the edge and shout encouragement, pick a few cones up and chat with the supporters to continue my jog after. Great to see the show ponies strut their stuff but even better to see families and children joining in. However things were looking good with me, to add to the stomach problems my knee was now hurting such that I was toying with the idea of going home...I decided not to.

So we were off again, Chris now happy he had done a 22 minute 5km and me happy to get going and soon ducked off road to get to Keston Ponds but my knee was now hurting a lot I chose to bug out to go home and was joined by Chris to take the run back home...chris then mentioned that I could run to his house and I could get a lift home, little did I know Chris had other plans and was soon taking me on an unusual route via hills and dales to return to his house with 21 miles on my Garmin.

I will make no secret of it, I found this run tough today with a combination of still recovering from the TP100, a tummy upset and then an aching muscle just above the left knee, time to rest a feel


  1. I imagine you were struggling to get a word in too!

  2. Yes! cheers for the invite for the night run on 31st. What time and how far?