Monday, 12 March 2012

Half mast?

The training plans started for sure tonight, if a little tentatively, and was originally classified as a Recovery Run just to get the legs moving and to see how they felt after a few miles. I went to my sports bag and pulled out my running top and UJ shorts, nipped into the bedroom and got my kit on to look aghast at my shorts with this rather airy feel down below to note the "Boys were out of their Barracks". Looking inside my shorts I found the lining had worn away and was now exposing a large hole, only thing to do was get the Budgie Smugglers out and wear my shorts over the top of them.

All sorted it was time to get out and run to go around my set piece 10km route, no watch, no Garmin, just to run and enjoy. About 5km into it I began to feel a few aches so stopped to stretch my quads to the resounding noise of the ligaments crackling like a pair of castanets...the niggle instantly gone I carried on feeling very comfortable indeed.

Feeling pleased with my start back after a week it is time for a little rest before my return to the track on Thursday which I am sbeginning to look forward to these days.


  1. Erm, I'm not sure what to say about your new 'freedom' shorts, but I think maybe time to retire those and a trip to the UJ running shorts shop is in order. but well done for getting back out there after your epic run.

  2. Can't believe you're already back in training - hope your knee is now fully recovered! Excited to see that you've signed up for the GUCR too - massive undertaking but completely understand why you want to push yourself that bit further. Hope Mrs. S is coming round to the idea ;)

    Not sure if you saw my reply to your comment on my blog but thanks very much for the info about those podcasts - definitely going to listen to them, hadn't heard of them before :)

    1. Naomi, I have amswered on your :-) But have a look here and watch the video as well: