Sunday, 18 March 2012

It is the simple things sometimes

As I mentioned in my recent Grass Roots post whilst on a 21 mile long run we diverted over to the Bromley Park Run so that we could see some friends go through their paces and maybe join. Alas, I did not join in for reasons I have told you in that post but just wanted to prove that whilst I was remorelessly teasing some of you but encouraging others I did take it upon myself to carry a few odds and ends back to the finish line to help the organisers. Taking some race cones from Martin, the run organiser, he mentioned that "I may get yellow hands" not sure what he meant asked him to which he replied "They go yellow because the dogs piss on them!"....another good reason to have anti-bacterial gel in my rucksack.

The picture shows me looking rather happy with life, probably because I had shouted some rudity at another runner but it was all taken in good heart :-D

I assure you I did carry on to complete another 16 miles after this


  1. The whole cone collecting thing, maybe you should sniff them before picking them up!,..... I wonder if thats why dogs sniff before the pee, you know, to see if its 'clean' or not lol

    1. Hee hee, it is probably why my shoes are yellow as well :-x