Monday, 19 March 2012

The limping man

Well it had to happen at some time and it has happened now, I am injured and it hurts (a little).

I do get my fair share of aches and pains, normally bruising to toes and feet where I clump a stick or stone and I take these with the sport, they just happen, you swear and then move on. However muggins here did his usual of not resting up long enough after the TP100  and am now carrying a slight injury. My usual readers will have probably seen me mention a grumbly knee in recent posts which was a carry on from the Thames Path and put it down to over use, this appeared to clear up quite quickly such that I felt able to go for a run last Thursday and Saturday, the latter was where it flared up.

The problem is around the inner part of my left knee cap and the muscle just above it which is tender to touch in one distinct area, on a pain scale of 1 to 10 it is a 3 so nothing too outrageous but sufficient for me to take some care around the area. Theories are abound but I have a feeling that wearing my Skins won't help as they are putting a lot of pressure on the tender area and whilst being supportive are also counterintuitive so will not wear them on runs for the next few times to allow the muscle to flex where it wants. The kneecap potentially sounds like it is rubbing and I have a little bit of tendonitis.

So I have been instructed to stretch gently, get the quads loosened, ice it, rest it and compress it as per usual with these injuries. 

I am not too upset with being on the bench but I am full of energy at the moment and have to find some way of burning it off


  1. i'm sure your usual freakish powers of recovery will kick in and you will be back sooner rather than later!