Sunday, 11 March 2012

Miles and Plans

I went out for a lovely walk this afternoon with the Delightful Mrs and girls walking about 6km of hills and mud ending up in the cake shop. During the walk the subject turned to my Thames Path 100 which whilst fleeting had Mrs S suggesting that I make it the last "long" run I do. I have mentioned the Grand Union Canal Run a few times but she does have a habit of switching off when I mention plans.....however when I said "I was hoping to go a little longer than 100 miles" ther reaction was amazing and I got more than a flea in my ear!!! Shall I just say she is not impressed.

Long and short of it is I am now officially doing the Grand Union Canal Race on 2nd/3rd June 2012.

That is not news I hear you shout Dear Reader but I have been keeping off the subject of late as I was concentrating on  the Thames Path 100 and its outcome before I made a firm decision. So this evening I have been seen pouring over Excel spreadsheets  to recreate my training plans for the next 12 weeks and as usual it looks as scary as hell but I have the heart to do it.

In the next 12 weeks I have planned in 800 miles (~1300 km) which averages about 9.5 miles (~15 km) a day and like all good training plans, the first day is a rest day :-)

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