Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Morning after...

So off to bed I went that Sunday night at about 11.00pm having not properly slept since getting up at 7.30am the day before....yuck 39.5 hours without sleep. I basically had gone through the other side and was wide awake but now was the time to crash. The Delicate Mrs S told me the next day that I went out like a light and was in a deep sleep all night as I am normally fidgety, I slept for 10 hours solid and on waking looked lie a big puffer fish who had done 10 rounds with Frank Bruno. Who knows what that was about but it soon cleared away after I had been up and about for a while.

Bursitis? (my left knee)
I say up and about for a while but as soon as I put my feet on the floor I realised the rest had let all the wear-and-tear injuries begin to out and saw that my feet were slightly swollen, the blisters on my little toes had swelled and slightly more worrying was my knee which had swollen, not dramatically but it was certainly painful, such that I took some ibuprofen to help with the swelling and put on a compression bandage to provide some support. There I sat for most of the day feet up and when I did get up used my trusty crutch just to keep the weight of the knee to be on the safe side.

As for today, I am in shoes and have driven the car with little difficulty however I have a feeling it will be a little while before I am back and running

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  1. Late congrats for your last great race.
    I hope you get well soon. Take care and all the best.