Friday, 30 March 2012

On the Bright Side

It appears that life (and injury) has got in the way of most of the runners that were going to attend the Recce Night Run along the North Downs Way on Saturday evening and so I was forced to cancel it. I had initially set it up on Facebook as it was an easy way of getting people to chat and make plans....all but one Rob "The Wardrobe" Jones.  

Anyone wondering why we call him The Wardrobe or WardRob is he has this uncanny ability to start off a race with a set of clothes on and by the end of it, have a completely different set on with a pair of different shoes, some would say he has a twin, others it was witchcraft, I believe the latter.

However, I digress....I had invited Rob by text and he was unaware of the cancellation until after when I texted him and he replied asking why we didn't just go for a it is back on and I have promised to take Rob to the Strangest Pub in Kent at about the halfway mark of 9 miles where the beer is warm and there really is witchcraft.

Rob is yet to confirm fully but it will be fun on a tough run


  1. not 'the' pub??? making you should take some sort of protective amulet like a badgers foot?

  2. Heee heee...yes 'that' pub, Rob is a bit worried but I have told him there is nothing to worry about apart from, the cats, parrot, dogs, weird man in lounge and hepatitis. I am going to ask about what happens when analog is switched off!