Thursday, 22 March 2012

One for the trail

Every song has its context personal to the listener, this song all through my adult life has had a context relevant to the time I listened to it. This song was brought up in conversation by my good friend Michael B today and prompted me to write these few words about it.

It was at the beginning of the month and I was at mile 95 of the TP100, I was suffering from hypothermia, hypoglycemic and wet [read as miserable, focussed and determined]. Through the haze this song came to mind and kept me company for a mile or so as I stepped into the last checkpoint and my friend Claire tended to my "Twix fix", the ever caring staff sought our needs to say this:

The enjoyment comes at 2:04 when the air guitar comes to the fore...even the beat of the song hit my foot cadence


  1. Fantastic Jerry and am sure that such a powerful song was so helpful when you were almost a little too numb in desperate need of the comfort to come! Incredible!

  2. My favorite Pink Floyd's song and this is another unforgettable version:

  3. Indeed. Here's one for the small-world connection. A chap in my running club was in the children's choir for another brick in the wall!