Thursday, 29 March 2012

Overt tiredness

There are some times when you have to say enough is enough, today was one of those times.

First duty today was collect some coffees for my work colleague and myself, he was going for a "Triple Tall Americano, white" and I a run of the mill medium filter coffee; that perked us up and we jumped into our work to then feel an hour later the need for another coffee and so some filter stuff was made.

The day, whilst good humoured was a frustrating one but hard working and we were beginning to look and feel tired towards the end. On the train home I reckon I was asleep before it left the station to have a mad scramble to exit when I arrived at my destination.

The plan tonight was to have my meal, get my running kit on that was waiting by the door and do about 10 miles on road and track. I got to the meal bit, looked at the clock to see that I had to dress and leave in 15 minutes, the next time I looked at it, it was 9.00pm.....I had fallen asleep for 2 hours!

My body has running tonight

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