Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Stiff legs

It seems my 32 mile run in North Kent on Sunday has taken its toll on my legs showing what a tough course it was. I went for a walk on Monday evening, just 2 miles on pavement to the shops, 1 mile up a hill and then down again. The up hill was fine but boy, coming down hill was something else with my legs feeling quite wobbly.

I wanted to run this evening but my legs still felt a little stiff so decided to only do 6 miles with a slower group and just enjoy the chatter so drove to the club. So joining the group I was amazed to find that I was full of beans and soon bouncing up and down, backwards and forwards along the pack with my legs feeling fine with the run doing its magic. I was also seen "sprinting" the last 800 metres but pulled off as it served no purpose for the roads around Petts Wood are reknowned for trip hazards.

Now looking forward to a run at the track on Thursday...apparently 8 Yasso 800's for the marathon wannabes, I think I will stay with hogging lane 1 instead.

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