Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A Thorny Issue

I have been trying to work out if I should discuss my recent "Sport's Injury" in such an open arena as it can be as embarrassing as it can be hilarious had it not shocked me so much. If you are embarrassed easily then do not read on......!

I am often amazed how little bumps, scratches and bruises I get concidering the amount of trail and cross country running I do but when I do they are quite superficial and treated as part of the sport. However, after my 32 mile round trip on Sunday near Sevenoaks, Kent I decided to go to the toilet at the rugby club and went about my business to glance down to find a horrific amount of blood inside my shorts, I am not talking a small spot but a dried patch about 12 centimetres in diameter.....I was horrified as it was all over "Little Jerry".

I wanted to go home as soon as possible just so that I could investigate further and on my return I got in the bath to find that "Little Jerry" had been scratched by a thorn or similar and had bled prefusely during the run. The only time I remember going past a thorny bush was in the early stages and it must have happened then, what is worse I didn't even know it had happened.

So this is a cautionary tale as well as one you can giggle about if you want but it is such an unusual little injury that I don't think you can even guard against it. I am still a little sore down their but it will heal very quickly and won't stop me from running tomorrow :-)

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