Friday, 9 March 2012

To the track

I had the opportunity to go to the local running track last night not to train as I have done in recent weeks but this time go and watch the marathon wannabes from my clubs going through their speed training.

Normally I am the annoying plodder in lane one doing my pace training that sees them all zip past me and eventually lap me at some stage and it was a pleasure to stand on the side shouting abuse and the odd encouraging word to them as they whizzed past. What I love about this rag tag group of people is they are the epitome of the cross section of runners from the slow poke to the show pony, some taking it way too seriously and others there for the enjoyment.

Whilst watching the laps I was aware of another runner who I have never met running by himself and immediately picked up on the fact he was a long distance runner and obviously doing some pace and speed training. When he pulled up at the end of his allotted amount I asked what he was training for and it transpires he is doing Comrades in Durban this year so a good number of minutes were taken chatting about ultrarunning such that my club mates were ignored for a few laps.

Either way I had a great time watching everyone strut their stuff and watch the endorphins kick in and the smiles and laughters happen after...well done guys.

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