Friday, 16 March 2012

Train by train

This weekend is an unusual one for me as I will be doing my long run on Saturday instead of Sunday. This weekend seems to have a plethora of people doing their last (or nearly last) 20 mile long run before undertaking the marathons in a few weeks time. Emails, club forums, Twitter and Facebook are awash with people announcing the fact they are doing their long run so it was a matter of choosing one :-)

So up early tomorrow ( I am not working yyyeeeehah) to catch the 7.34 am train to Orpington, meet up with my mate Chris when we will jog down to the Buff pub in Green Street Green to meet up with David and any other misfits for a 20 mile run/walk/crawl. Not sure how my legs will be so I make bug out at som stage to get home with about 20-22 miles.

As for Sunday, well we will see after tomorrow.

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