Wednesday, 7 March 2012

You are not a Super Hero

You undertake a challenge where you have pushed your body to its limits be it 100 metres or 100 kilometres there is a underlying belief that you are fully recovered when in fact you are not. Too many times I have seen athletes, I am one of them also, return to their beloved sport too soon after such a challenge and injure themselves unnecessarily .

Take yesterday (Tuesday) when I awake and find myself surprised that my knee feels great, my feet are less swollen and the blister on my little toe appeared to be drying up nicely, things were looking good; even walking up and down stairs feels fine even if it was a bit wearisome. No Dear Reader, don't think I was going to grab the lycra and go for a run I am not quite that unhinged but I did have the task of travelling up to London to give a 3 hour lecture at College and had quite a bit of walking to do something I would normally do in my stride (see what I did there) but today it felt just a little longer than I would have wanted. 

Wearing my trusty Karrimor sandals I traipsed off to the station and felt great but when I came to the hill I found it really hard as my legs felt so tired but got to the top to board the train. One little oversight on my part was having to travel on the Underground, not fun when the escalator is broken, the steps on those things are deeper than normal and it was now that my knee began to grumble as I stepped down the umpteenth riser. 

Now imagine the problem of crossing busy London roads something we take for granted but now try doing it at a trot so to miss that sneaky cyclist......ouch my knee grumbled and growled.

In all this is just a short cautionary tale...none of us are super heroes I have a feeling this old body of mine is going to take a while to be ready for running again.

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  1. ...and I am not a superhero, for this reason I am injured!
    Great post.