Monday, 2 April 2012

All in a day's rest

After a tumultuous run on Saturday night covering 16 miles in the dark I awoke the next morning with my calves feeling unusually sore around the ankle area and realised they had taken quite a battering. I vaguely remember twisting them a couple of times and having to run along a steep slope so no wonder they were grumbling.

Then I looked back at the whole month and took stock...and yes March was a BIG month:
  1. My furthest run in my career (100 miles)
  2. 225.6 miles covered (my fourth highest ever)
  3. Ran a 32.3 mile hilly event
  4. Ran a Night Run over the Downs
 Most ultrarunners or elite marathon runners in training would say this was not very far in total but I am pleased, in fact I finished the month off on a 64 mile, 7 days stretch.

Now I have had time to reflect and I can now see why my legs are tired and feel as though they have been pummelled with a baseball bat.


  1. After a wonderful month like that your legs need a bit of rest. I am sure that you will be ready soon to run another big amount of miles.

  2. That is a BIG month in any book. Your legs will thank you for the rest and then come back even stronger than before.