Monday, 16 April 2012

Bungay Black Dog Marathon - Race Report

The day started with a gentle knock at the door and in entered Rob who watched me grab my last bits of kit and both decamp to his car for the 2 hour drive to Bungay. I seemed to have shaken off my normal morning milaise and we had a wonderful chatty time catching up on old and new stories.

There was no messing about today as we did not have a race number so priority went to getting to Race HQ, fill in a form, hand over cash and get kit on. As we walked back to the car we spotted that the burger bar was been prepared and promised outselves a horrendous creation called a Darrell Burger comprising bacon, burger, mushrooms and onions in a bun!

The Race Start
You can tell by the top picture that the clouds looked ominous in the background but sunny to the front, this was a day of many weathers. At 10.20am we were called to the start but as we did the heavens opened and we were pelted by pea-sized hailstones which saw Rob and my "Ultra Senses" come to the fore, he getting friendly with a lovely lady and her over-sized umbrella and I racing over to a portaloo. Portaloos I discovered are the perfect wind and weatherproof alternative but stink!

After the usual H&S talk and benality we were pushed to the line and Rob turned to me to say " I feel a real pressure doing a road marathon that we have to do well" and so silently we mutually agreed that we were going to pull out all the stops, Rob on a 100km and I on an 84 km week it wasn't going to be easy.

The hooter sounded
We were off and I was straight into pace but a little too fast at 7:27, 7:46 and 7:52 for the first 3 miles so I settled in and found that it was only until the tenth mile I went into 8:XX min/miles. Rob was always in sight, if in the distance, and I had decided that he is just that much better than I so was happy for him to take off. This was a two lap race and the first half of the lap was a bit undulating and at one stage saw Rob pull up and sort out a shoe problem to than catch up to say "Don't worry this is the only hill" I was quite pleased to hear this as he scooted off....lying sod as there were another 3 of equal size that ate away at the calfs. 

My pacing continued, I was feeling good, all pain within threshold levels and was informed by another runner that "we were now on the flat section" and I was happy to keep at a very solid comfortable pace and amazed to step through the halfway stage in 1:43:11....what had got into me sub 8's on a marathon and I was on for a personal best.

Even with a one minute per mile drop in pace I was up for a PB so I decided to keep a constant pace but drop the pace on the hills, I only had 3 carb gels and was being supplied just water at the aid stations so wanted to run a tight race from now, new plans that gels were to be taken at a drink station nearest 18, 21 and 23 miles.

I was having a laugh now in the usual Jezza way, I was calling to the sporadic crowds to cheer me, flirting with the ladies at the drink stations all of this providing me much needed energy but then I was hit by the last 4 miles, a mindless, boring section that just needed to be stomped out.

"C'mon Fat Boy"
It was 25 miles, I hurt and I realised I had 13 minutes to get a PB and I was going to get it if I stayed at the pace I was at to see a familiar figure ahead in a red and orange was Rob....time to hunt him down and as I approached I shouted "C'mon Fat Boy" to whizz past [read as shuffle in a determined way] to pass shining the cheesiest way was Rob going to beat me so energy renewed I pounded off to overtake 3 people and jump across the line to see to my utter amazement that I had pulled off a PB by about 2 minutes...chuffed is not the word

Time for one of these:


  1. Well done Jerry, great time !

  2. Well done Jezza, top effort. I understand Rob ended up running it sans energy gel/drink which made for an interesting race for him I presume (haha). You are in great shape, keep doing what you are doing, and I am sure GUCR will be another one ticked off the list.

  3. You should be more than chuffed! Great race and great PB, congratulations!

  4. Great report to read Jerry, fab time

  5. I saw the "in the zone" pics. Had a good recovery run today but the quads are more sore from pounding roads than they are on a trail ultra.....

    1. I am glad it was not just me Rob, my calfs are quite tight not helped with sitting at a desk all day

  6. Well done Jerry ... bodes well for other races in the coming months.

  7. Yes, great race, great PB and great report.

  8. Well done Jerry! :) Awesome PB... and a great race report. Loving the blog, as always x