Friday, 27 April 2012

Clutching at straws

The message from Liz on the running club's Facebook page read:

"... don't forget special training tonight at the Rec, 7.30pm start... bring some water, all levels welcome!..."

It transpires that Liz and a few other club members are taking a Coaching qualification and wanted volunteers to come down to be put through their paces, a win, win situation, they get the experience of coaching and we get a structured training session....I had promised to go!

What was my problem I hear you say Dear Reader, well I was just pooped. After donning my kit (I chose to wear my Skins for some reason) I traipsed out of the door, got 400 metres and started to walk....this did not bode well...I ran another 400 metres, legs like lead, I walked and so it went on.

I got to the woods to find that the path was just now one big mud bath...I walked then ran, side-stepping puddles and mud lakes finding the whole run took about 5 minutes longer than usual allowing me to get to the Rec, shoulders down and feeling miserable. It must have been obvious as the comment "He looks like a Bulldog chewing a bumble bee" passed my way and they were right.

The Session
WOW! These guys had done their homework, multi-coloured cones criss-crossed the field in a  multitude of patterns such that after a warm up around the field we were put through our paces, sprints, lunges, press-ups and slaloms with a long stretching routine at the end (stretching in Skins....not a good idea!). Great work guys, you will rock the assessment at the weekend.

The way home
Forget this bit, I didn't run, I staggered, plodded and fell into the armchair


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