Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Dodging Rainbows

After yesterday's grumble about achy legs I was a bit reticent about going to the club tonight but decided to do so with the promise of going gently. After my first run in daylight through the woods I joined a slower group to allow me to potter around happily without any pressure.

So whilst out on that run, I felt rain drop from the sky and hit my face, then another .....and another until I was bathed in rain. The first rain for nearly 4 weeks lifting the smell of dried dust and tarmac from the pavement beneath my feet. The morale in the pack was quite high and I don't think I heard a single grumble from them, I don't think anyone had noticed.

Afterwards I was sent to the local supermarket by the Delightful S and whilst at the checkout the lady said "You haven't been running in that torrential rain have you Jerry? You're mad!" and without thinking I replied "I didn't get that wet, I dodged the rainbows"

I don't know what "Dodging Rainbows" means, I just think it has nice imagery

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  1. It was a rather wet evening, and I sort of enjoyed running in the rain! I think I must be developing the running psyche lol