Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter + Run = Fun

Another great outing with the HEROS (High Elms Run On Sundays) which always guarantee not to disappoint and this year it was like any other, great people making an enjoyable run.

This particular run is an important run in the event calendar for anyone about to undergo their Spring marathon taking the participants on a 21 mile run up to the roads running parallel to the North Downs Way at Knockholt and then back home via Biggin Hill. It is also unusual as the HEROS move their meeting point to The Buff pub, which happens to be the meeting point of the Orpington Road Runners. Being amorphous group it is not always easy to organise these events as a lot of the word is via mouth on the trail but Facebook did a great job this year extending the conversation, such that I decided to take 2 litres of water and some plastic cups to Badgers Mount hiding it in a bush to later find someone else had taken 5 litres with plastic cups. We therefore had 7 litres between about 15 of us at mile 5!

A run of two halfs
The group strung out quite quickly, it was not a race but everyone had set goals in the form of distance and time, I being one of them as I wanted to get back to my roast lamb and potato lunch with the family so just after 7 miles a few of us jumped into cars, whilst I ducked down a side path by St Katherine's Church, Knockholt to go cross country and trail with Peter, Roy and another gent at some blistering pace, ankles twisting and  feet tripping. I was glad to have Peter there as he knows the paths like the back of his hand and I finally learnt the "proper" route [read as most direct] to the Buff pub a very useful 12 miles in the bag. It appears the others got back happy and uninjured from the longer run although there are reports one took the bus from mile 16 onwards!

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  1. A very good way to celebrate Easter. Here we have run 12 km near the sea, enjoying the light breeze, the warm sun and the landscapes.