Saturday, 7 April 2012

A feline tail

Some of you may know that our beloved family cat, Angus, died at the beginning of March the day before my Thames Path 100 race which has left a big hole to fill in the family. The Delightful Mrs S has (secretly) been scanning a local cat sanctuary web pages on an almost daily basis, as I have too, so it is time for a visit me feels.

So the plan for Saturday is to drive Mrs S to work which leaves me a 3 hour window to get out onto the trails, it just so happens that this particular trail passes about 100 metres from the cat sanctuary where this fella lives:

Apparently he was found wandering around on the golf course at High Elms, very similar to what I tend to do of a weekend so it is quite befitting that if we like each other I will have to chat with Mrs S about a new home for him. Let's hope he is still there.

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