Saturday, 28 April 2012


Monkey feet and an overpacked backpack
I have made the decision today and it was like an epiphany "Why am I feeling so damn down...sod it, I am doing the Grand Union" and that is what I said to the Delicious Mrs S whose response was her ever supportive way.

"Whatever, put it in the diary and turn the TV up"

Although it has been in the diary for some months I have gone about my business this evening and have started to drop little bits of kit in the dining room to start the ball rolling. Nothing special, just my box and a few tins of caffeine drink and an old water bottle but it is a start and remains there as a gentle incentive.

Sunday's run
This proves to be a fun one as it is my primary club's annual internal 10km race which I don't generally take part in as I prefer my cross country run and escape to the countryside instead of traipsing the streets, however I will assist in timekeeping or marshaling duties when required.

My run will be with my good pal Bhundu who is a bare foot runner whom I tease about his "monkey feet" but still in awe of the way he pounds the streets unphased but the hard tarmac. I, on the other hand, will be running with a weighted back pack tomorrow, nothing too heavy but weighing about 4 kilos just to get the feel right for GUCR and to put a little bit of exertion into a 11 mile run which will be made all the more interesting with the promised rain, resulting mud and a few hills hitting my friend the North Downs Way for a very short time

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