Saturday, 7 April 2012

Kit Wash

I went for a lovely trail run by myself today along some of my well trodden paths and was surprised that there was nobody around, just me. It was only about 10 miles in distance with a short break at the cat sanctuary where I had the opportunity to see Elmer from a distance but I soon realised that there was nobody at home so chose to retrace my steps.

The weather was threatening rain so I put on my OMM smock at about mile 2 when I realised it really smelt even though it does get a good rinse in the rain, it was high time it got a rinse off when I got home. I forget that this top gets a good battering at times and has been through rivers, over muddy trails and travelled many a mile on my back....and it smells.

On my return I ran a sink full of warm water and dropped it in to soak leaving it for an hour, the resulting water was a horrible yellow/brown colour and I rinsed it off in the shower where it drip-dried. I can safely say that it smells a little better but I must remember to rinse it out more battle is my backpack which STINKS, I think I will leave that for another day, I'm not that brave.

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