Sunday, 29 April 2012

Mudtastic run

The email promised that it was going to be a wet and muddy run we were not to be disappointed. It seems that it has been raining non-stop for the past week and the Downs would be afloat with puddles and resultant mud and I couldn't wait to get out there.

I arrived at Duncan's house at 6.30am to find him waiting expectantly framed by his porch as would a Grenadier guard outside Buckingham Palace, jumping into the car we zoomed off to Green Street Green and noticed there were no pedestrians and very few cars on the road, we were two explorers alone in a world which was slumbering and trying to keep dry. Arriving at our destination we pulled on backpacks, trail shoes and hats to be met by blustering winds and near horizontal rain....Duncan and Jerry were in their element.

This was a planned 11 mile (18 km) run and I had a route in mind but a map in my bag in case we needed to review the route, boy was it a tough one as the mud was clawing with the puddles extending across the full width of the paths, the best way to traverse them was through them some being up and over our ankles. Rivlets of water poured off the paths making our feet tingle in the cold, mud splattering our clothing and legs.

Onto the Downs
We reached the highest section of the run, Knockholt church, in a reasonable time had a little break to get our legs together and then descended to the North Downs Way but found ourselves in a shoulder high field of Kale and as usual Duncan and I took an alternative route through it but along a tractor trail and by the end of it were absolutely drenched...brilliant.

We were now traversing the upper part of the Scarp and the weather came with a full force, the cloud base was down, the wind was up and it was driving hard buffeting us from the side. We slipped, skipped, laughed at the trail that unfolded, dodged trees and changed plans as we saw fit, this was an epic run.

We churned on finding an alternative route to take us off the roads as it was just too good to miss the mud but we were finding the weather, muddy conditions and terrain were paying their toll as we took the occasional walking break to recover and then continue on. My feet were cold now and stumped my ankle through one glade which was quite painful but numbed quickly as we took on the last section and back to the car with big grins on our faces.....the simplest of runs are by far the most fun


  1. The alternative routes are always the best!
    Indeed an epic adventure.

  2. Whose car were you riding home in, hope you had 'mess mats' or doggy blankets over the seats