Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My fifth anniversary

1000 miles
I always call the day after the London marathon my anniversary as it was the inspiration I needed to get off my fat arse and loose some weight. I had been a heavy smoker for 20 years and have always enjoyed a glass of cider but gave up in 2006 but in doing so put on about 30 pounds in weight. The story goes that in April 2007 the Delightful Mrs S and myself went to watch her brother run the race and having completed it a family photograph was taken.....this was the turning point for it was the most horrific pictures I had seen of myself, overweight, sallow and tired.

The next day...
I was straight down to a sports shop, bought a pair of Nike Pegasus (I used to wear them when I was younger) did an internet search for local running clubs and the very next day joined and ran my first run of 3.6 miles in 40 minutes....I was pooped and Mrs S laughed as I stumbled through the door looking as grey as an elephant and sweating like a pig....but I was hooked.

A year later....
The club had arranged a 10km intra-club race and I was determined to get best of group and was exactly 1 year after I started and as I stepped from the start line 1,000 miles since I started having lost 20 pounds in weight. I had won my first club trophy, nothing special, just a recognition with what was a very pleasing 45:12 but for an overweight 43 year old made my day....I am still very proud of that mini trophy.

Nowadays, 10 km is just a warm up ;-) ( I joke here)

The rest is history
As my regular Dear Readers will know...the rest is history and if you need to know more then you have a few years worth of blog to read but from those heady days of running 3.6 miles to now where I have run 100 miles...it is just uncomprehensible, a life journey I thought I would never take having met some really amazing people along the way...thanks guys

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  1. Happy 5th anniversary Jerry! This is an awesome story and I am glad I am one person that got to know a bit more about you over the past few years. Keep it going my friend!