Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Putting it into perspective

Distance v Time
Let us look back on the past few years since I started the long game, I ran a 31 mile trail run in December 2008 and I was hooked, I wanted more and so the treadmill of events and training for them started, the never ending cycle of races, unnecessary races sometimes if you want the truth.

It came to a head recently when I realised that we were running along a stretch of road and I would say "Hey, I know this road, we ran along this on the XXXX race" or "This is a great drop, we ran this on the YYYY event" sounds great but when I was doing the XXXX  or YYYY event it cost me in the region of £10 to £20....when I was doing it in training it cost me nothing.

So what?
The truth is when I am doing it in training I am usually doing it with someone, no pressure, just running along and enjoying myself doing what I like....running. I don't need medals, in fact most of my medals and mementos are languishing around in various parts of the house in disarray ( apart from my TP100 belt buckle on the mantelpiece).

What now?
The first thing I have done is pull out of the Crawley 6 hour track run this weekend, I am simply not mentally prepared for it, I have a niggling muscle in my butt and I am asking for trouble. I was thinking of going for a PB for a marathon at the event but am happy with my recent Bungay time of 3:42. The Delightful Mrs S has also asked that I don't and for once I agree as I have been a a tad selfish of late in respect to running. So about an hour ago I pulled out to leave my weekend free and secretly I am releaved

I have a feeling this will be dropped and I will request a refund but this is the hardest call as I am extremely fit at the moment but feel that my dedication to the mileage is not up to scratch. Watch this space!

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  1. GUCR will be a big call Jezza, only you know what the right decision should be, mine was made easier by being injured. The race will be there next year, and the year after etc and you would also be able to make a certain friend of ours Stag Do, not that I am trying to sway you either way :-) Do what feels right for you, as i am sure you will, and that will be the correct decision.