Saturday, 14 April 2012

A Question I am often asked.

I am often asked "Are you always  marathon-ready Jerry?" and I often err on the side of caution and say "Give me a few days warning...yes"

There has been a big change in plans this weekend as I was planning to do a trail run on the North Downs Way from Box Hill with Gemma but she has a pulled calf so me mutually agreed to hold off the run until it has cleared I have been found wanting dreading the thought of yet another Long trail run by myself......until..........

The text arrives
I was just sitting down with a well deserved cuppa after mowing the grass in the lower orchard whena  text sounded on my phone at 2.11pm stating:

"Ok jezza a long shot here. Are you busy Sunday? Fancy running the bungay black dog" [sic]

So with a quick phone call to Rob who was the text sender with assurance that I would check with the Delightful Mrs S and get back to him as soon as possible.

We met Mrs S in the shops near to where she works and after she interrogated me on whether I had mowed the lawn in the lower orchard and with me assuring her I had and had even cut the edges she agreed to my escape.

So there we have it, I have agreed to run a marathon with 20 hours and 19 minutes warning at the Bungay Black Dog Running Club......looks a good race too

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