Saturday, 28 April 2012


As the son of a Cornish  man I was often taken to Cornwall as a child to be seen clambering over the cliffs and coves of The Lizard getting rocks for my ever growing collection. The hobby was such that at 8 years old I had even bought myself a geology hammer with my saved up pocket money. On one of the holidays I disappeared for a little while to return triumphantly to worried family holding a fist-sized chunk of Serpentine rock. I was so proud of this piece of ubiquitous rock as I had climbed high up and out of sight of my family to get it and has followed me around for years much to the annoynace of various flat mates and partners.

Time to do something with it
I had another brainwave tonight as I have something I am equally proud TP100 belt buckle. As I have no plans to ever wear it as a belt buckle there is only one other thing to do with it...mount it, on what? My lovely chunk of Cornish is the prototype:

As always the ever supportive but Delightful Mrs S mentioned that it would look lovely in the downstairs toilet :-)


  1. What a great idea. Love this, joining two things that are really important to you, and much better to have the belt buckle on display (although think you should try and get the location upgraded to the living room!)

  2. What a great idea!
    Have you heard about the story of the italian "centurions" near the Coliseum?
    The Maior doesn't want them there anymore because they disturb the "sight".