Monday, 9 April 2012

Sleepy Head

"...and as I stepped up onto the first place podium and ducked down to have the gold medal placed around my neck I felt a hard CLUMP to the side of my head..."

Falling out of my deep sleep I heard the Delicate Mrs S say "OI, are you supposed to be running?" rubbing my head from her thump I jumped from my bed to look out of the window to see Micheal standing in the driveway looking forlornly up at my window. Running downstairs I went out in my pyjamas to apologise and then to get my kit on. I glugged a luke warm coffee to then jump into his car for a short drive to the start of our run.

That Dear Reader was why in a matter of 15 minutes I was dreaming of a gold medal and now toeing the line in the cold and wet. Michael has been suffering from some strange ear/nose/throat problem for about 6 months and today was his second run promised to be 2-3 miles which was finally 3.8 miles (he chose to take a detour, not me)

Time flew by such that we had to continue our conversation over tea and toast back at chez nous.

Well done Michael, we will soon have you back doing ultras..........I am now going off to see if I can claim that gold medal back in dreamland

1 comment:

  1. .... and sometimes the dreams come true. A gold medal, especially in the age group, is always possible. Overall it is a little more difficult but never say never.
    Good luck to Michael.