Saturday, 21 April 2012

When East Meets West

What a week! I have found it quite difficult to get out to run this week for various reasons and for a change I have put the family first over running as my youngest had done extremely well in her Maths exam and needed to celebrate and big daughter had her 18th birthday which definitely needed to be celebrated.

The Long Run
This is the run that may not have happened; Big plans had been made with a wonderful running chum, Gemma, whom I met and ran with at the Surrey Tops race last September. The plan comprised me driving to junction 8 of the M25, parking up in a cafe car park where I would meet Gemma, run 15 miles East along the North Downs Way turn around and go back to the car where her other half would take her home.

Then it all went wrong, big daughter needed a lift to the pub and to celebrate her BIG birthday and on getting into the car found it failed to start... gggrrrrrr. I now had a daughter in panic that her beer was getting cold and me miserable that I wouldn't get my cherished run in with Gemma.

A new plan bears fruit
I made frantic text to Gemma and ideas were thrown around about trains but it was impossible because of the times, in desperation (?) Gemma called me, looking back at the chat we both sounded miserable until we had a brainwave, why don't I run from home join the North Downs Way to go West, she run East to meet somewhere at around 15 miles into her run, she turns around and we run to her starting point and I get the train home. We both agreed that it sounded like a very fun plan. I was even allowed to be extremely geeky and tell her that if we timed it right we would be able to meet at the point where the North Downs Way meets the Vanguard Way, the zero meridian. I thought it quite poignant because if we turn North at that point we would get to the start of the Virgin London Marathon....both finished our telephone sounding quite pleased with our new plans.

Then it changed again!
In the middle of writing this blog entry the RAC man arrived, replaced the battery and the car now works fine. Back to the original plan but I still want to get to the 0 Meridian and Gemma and I will have 15 miles more of chatter to fill...brilliant.

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