Saturday, 5 May 2012

14 Hours and 06 Minutes Until Sunrise

The concept is simple, the challenge and terrain just that much harder having run in the Peak District before this is to be a fantastic ultra with the added twist of it being at night.

The following text has been taken from the event's website:

The challenge sounds simple. You start at 17:42 (sunset), and run all night, but you must finish the course by 06:48 (sunrise).  The course, however, is 50 miles long and rises and falls through the Peak District; accumulating over 9000ft of ascent. Of course you’re wayfinding by torchlight too.  That sounds like quite a tall order right?  Well, there’s a twist or two.  The race takes place on the one night of the year when Time throws you a lifeline.  At 2am, the clocks go back, giving you one more precious hour to finish the race.  Nature may also lend you a helping hand that night, weather dependant, as the moon is almost full.

Whilst aware I have a bigger challenge in the next month I have been looking for something for the Autumn, this one bangs every one of my nails for a great race, Hills, Mud and most importantly NIGHT TIME RUNNING :-)  and I am now entered

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