Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ad hoc as ad hoc can be

No morning run was planned today as we were out at a big birthday bash on Saturday night and there was a very good chance of a hangover...I was proved right.

The day was put aside to gardening and I was closely supervised by the Delightful Mrs S who was present at all times ensuring that the hedges were clipped and to of a high standard. So like a good little runner I put the tools away and was seen making calls on the telephone after I saw Duncan was looking for a run so plans were set and I was seen togged up in only shorts, shirt and sunglasses to arrive at his house both to realise that we had no plan except that the North Downs were calling us so I drove in the general direction of them. We arrived in a public car park above Shoreham and as I got out of the car realising that I had nowhere to put my keys handed them to Duncan for good keeping as he always runs with shorts with loads of pockets.

The run
There are very few people that I can run with that have a similar sense of curiosity as I do and Duncan and George are just those people. As we decended into the Darenth Valley we were still unsure how far we were going to run but we agreed that we would take it a mile at a time. I then pointed up to a fence on the opposite hillside and asked if it was a path and if so should we investigate it. So that was our new objective, to find the hilly path so leaping over stiles, railway lines and onto the road we found a yet to be explored path entrance that led up to the path we discussed and reaching the top we found one of the most glorious vistas that we had seen for some time, Kent in all its glory and there was chat of taking a disposable barbeque, some sausages and beer with other runners next time....fantastic.

Run went well, new route, new paths, guessed the route back via cross country, amazed we were skilled enough to trust our judgement and be right to find we had got back to a well known paths to finish off the run ascending the last part 400 feet at a pant. As I was running light I had no fluids but was now looking forward to a long cool drink and as we approached the car we slowed down, fiddled with our GPS and I asked for the key from Duncan. 

The Key
Duncan reached down to his pocket, unzipped it and then put his hand pulling out the string to find no key attached to it! He then started to frantically pat his pockets, put his hand in deeper but only retrieved handfuls of air....then discovered THE HOLE, a perfect car key sized hole in the side of them!!!

Frantic calls and then a discovery that the car park was locked at 7.00pm and it was now 6.52pm, the keys some 35 minutes away did not bode well. We then met Charlie the gate keeper and using our worldly charms kept him sweet until Duncan's wife appeared later in the family car with an enormous grin on her face having collected the key from Mrs S.

A brilliant run today, legs felt the best they have for a long time over some very viscious ascents and descents over hardened, flinty ground. Two runs could never had been so different with Duncan of late, storms, wind and rain one week, sunshine the next , as ever a great run out.


  1. I'm still blushing with the horror of it all.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun except for the key. I better check all the places i use to carry my key during runs. Not sure the Mrs will be very happy with me calling her to bring the spare key...:)