Saturday, 19 May 2012

All in the mind

My route (with my lap 10 detour)
It is really exciting to see a number of my club are taking running coaching qualifications and from what they tell me it is quite in depth. Part of this qualification is to run a few training sessions and they have devised a programme of track sessions to "Improve 5 & 10 km times"...there is my problem I don't want to do that for the moment but I did want to show up and support them if numbers were low....they were not as some 20 people turned up so I reverted back to my training....pacing.

As some of my Dear Readers are aware I have had a problem with my left quadriceps recently requiring me to go to the physio, ice it and take anti-inflammatory medication after runs, in short a worry. I have therefore reverted back to my Budgie Smugglers (Skins A200 compression tights) which have been fantastic this year on my longer runs as they have really provided some support (no not there....) around my knees and hips. So on Thursday I chose to wear them on my planned training run to the track and found the Easy paced 5km run to the track was very gentle and comfortable.

Pace Perfect
After settling down on my 14 lap run (7 laps in each direction) my plan was to do it in 30:00 minutes exactly, not look at my Garmin apart from when I clicked the 400 metre mark. I settled in, relaxed and comfortable until about lap 10 when I need to use the toilet quickly, ran off the track and returned to finish the set in 30:40 minutes which I was really happy with as even with the loo break this was spot on perfect pacing...a really good confidence booster ready for 2nd June at the GUCR when pace is the key to the early stages of the event.

After getting dropped off half way home I decided to take a little detour to just get the miles in and to cool down. On arriving home had a hot bath then iced my leg with some ibuprofen for good measure (not my usual practice) legs feeling great, better still, my head full of positive thoughts, this weekend is about finalising my kit choice.

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  1. Despite the problems at your leg you did a very good workout. Get well soon and enjoy your running.
    My doctor said that I don't have to take anti-infiammatory pills to heal; I cannot damage my liver. Only local gel.