Thursday, 31 May 2012

As nervous as a kitten

This evening I have been as nervous as a kitten, I have had telephone calls from friends wishing me good luck for my Grand Union Canal Run and all I seemed to do was jabber down the phone at 16 words to the dozen.

I have looked at the pile of running clothes on the floor and seem to be saying to myself that I must have missed something out, ever so often something else got added and then scuttled off for something else to add. In the end I started packing my main kit and left the other items such as clothes for the journey up to do tomorrow morning.

It is only now that I have looked at an old list I created last year when I first attempted it and am amazed to see that the kit in my bag matches exactly what is on the list....I am feeling a little better as the experience is now rubbing off.

Friday morning
The plan for Friday is to get up normal time, get some breakfast, mow the lawns and then pack my final pieces and leave for Euston to get the 1:43pm

Friday Evening
Check in to the hotel, go down to the official race check in, rest and then go out to dinner with the other runners at the local pub.

As for the rest of the weekend, well only time will tell but I am really looking forward the hallucinations again

Side note
I had to laugh this evening when my youngest daughter made the mistake of asking what my plans were and I rattled off dates, times, distances of checkpoints and what I was going to eat, where and when. She wearily escaped grumbling that she was amazed how I could remember it all, the funny thing is I know by tomorrow night I will have forgotten it all :-)